Whether creating her own agency, or a new department or position for a national company, Carrie Lannon has thrived in uncharted waters. She has frequently been tapped by C-suite executives to create new positions and departments within  their corporations. Carrie has not stepped into preordained positions, she has created the vision to establish them, always with an eye to achieving the desired goals.  In each, the vision became a reality and the “new” became Standard Operating Procedure. Some examples follow.

ULTA BEAUTY - ULTA had no public relations department when Carrie suggested to the CEO that she could consolidate PR initiatives for the rapidly growing brand.  ULTA agreed, and she was retained as its first national Public Relations Director. Her department handled publicity, events and social media, growing as the company doubled its number of stores to 700.  Her team delivered national exposure as earned media impressions grew by 400% and social media by 2000% in 3 years, providing ULTA with vibrant, new marketing channels. 

LANNON COMMUNICATIONS - The Chicago market had many public relations agencies when Carrie created Lannon Communications.  But, from the outset, she distinguished her agency as offering premium service and results for best-in-class clients.  Her leadership led to Lannon Communications quickly growing to become the premier agency for companies seeking to strengthen brand presence in the Midwest.  With clients that included Tiffany & Co., Hermes, The Gap, Prada and luxury real estate developers, the agency thrived for 12 years until Carrie decided to close shop and move on to the next adventure.  

MERCHANDISE MART PROPERTIES - Merchandise Mart Properties is a world leader in owning and operating showrooms and event spaces.   Carrie was tapped by the president of the company to create a new sponsorship department for consumer design, architecture, art and fashion shows that the company operated in its event venues. Starting with the company’s art shows, including the prestigious Armory Show in New York and Art Chicago, she created sponsor opportunities and partnerships that grew to more than $1 million in sponsorships in the first year.

GLEMBY INTERNATIONAL - The international company ran beauty salons around the world for department stores such as Neiman Marcus and Hudson’s.  Fresh out of college, Carrie approached the company about creating a new, local public relations position in Detroit that could achieve regional publicity that national New York-based efforts were missing.  Though her position started with one 20-salon store group, her successful approach soon led to a promotion and a move to Chicago to handle all store groups within the Midwest and to trouble shoot across the country for 5 years.